Our Vineyard

Terroirs & Diversity

The richness of our terroirs and the diversity of our grape varieties enables us to express a mosaic of flavours, that are traditional, yet also original and unusual for some of our wines.


Our vineyards cover more than 3,000 hectares, from the Mediterranean coast to the foothills of Mount Caroux, via clusters of hills, often topped with pine trees.

Due to this enormous expanse, our vineyards offer an incredibly rich variety of terroirs. We benefit from the plains of the lower Aude valley, with large areas of wetlands that are home to remarkable biodiversity, the pale soil of Capestang and Montady that lies on ancient marine deposits, the red soil of Maraussan and Cazouls, due to iron concretions, and finally the limestone slopes of the St Chinian appellation in the communes of Cazedarnes and Puisserguier.

This diversity of terroirs enables the expression of wide range of exceptional aromas and flavours.

Grape Varieties

The Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune have always managed to combine tradition with innovation. A characteristic that is apparent in the choice of grape varieties that are planted in our vineyards.

Thus you will find the traditional Mediterranean varieties such as Carignan, Grenache, or Muscat and Cinsault.
Our winegrowers are also keen to produce the more well-known, international varieties, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
But what really sets us apart is the introduction of varieties that are not usually grown in the region, such as Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc, and the rehabilitation of old varieties like Piquepoul Noir, which require unusual vinification methods for the Languedoc, resulting in interesting wines.
Finally, the Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune have, for some years now, been planting varieties said to be “resistant” to disease, thereby allowing the development of vineyards that are more environmentally friendly.


The extensive area in which our vines are planted enables us produce wines in PGI Oc, PGI Coteaux d’Ensérune, AOP Languedoc and AOP Saint Chinian.

Our membership of the Union de Coopérative Foncalieu also allows us to sell wines from our partner wineries, and other appellations such as AOP Corbières, Minervois, Faugères, Pic Saint Loup and many others in the region.


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