Our expertise

Rigour & Rewards

Every year, the Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune’s wines win numerous medals and awards at national and international competitions. These awards are the fruit of genuine teamwork, from tending the vines, to the rigorous selection of the best plots and the production of the wines by our oenologists.

Growing the grapes

Every year, our 650 winegrowers tend to their vineyards with care and devotion. Under the southern sun and through the passing seasons, they prune, and await the first buds in the spring, then patiently watch over and look after the vines until the harvests in the autumn.

Because growing vines is subject to the vagaries of the weather, every year is different and requires different responses in order to bring out the best in the vines.

Our winegrowers have developed their expertise and knowledge in the management of their vines, enabling them to produce high quality grapes while at the same time respecting the environment and biodiversity.


All through the year our vineyard specialists provide advice and support for our winegrowers in the management of their vines.

Recommendations regarding pruning, irrigation, the use of fertilizers, and treatments for the vines are given collectively and individually throughout the year. An agro-environmental engineer advises our winegrowers on how to develop more environmentally-friendly practices.

Finally, just before the harvests, they test and select each plot, regularly checking ripeness and preparing to launch the great ballet of picking grapes by hand and by machine, and transporting the grapes on tractors to our wineries… They have the important task of selecting the right plots to make high quality wines that meet our client’s and our customer’s requirements.


The oenologists are the ones who “craft” our wines, using their remarkable knowledge of vinification or, in other words, the transformation of grape juice into wine. Every year, oenologists come from all over the world to work with our team, and ensure that we are bringing out the best in our grapes. They enable us to evolve and to innovate in the vinification process, and to guarantee the production of high quality, unusual and interesting wines.

They adapt the various vinification methods depending on the style of wine that is desired, tasting, blending and ageing the wines when they are in vats and barrels, to extract the best possible flavours and aromas. They take care of our wines up to the final stage
when they consumed by our customers.


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