Sustainable Development

In both the vineyard and the winery, the Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune strive to meet the environmental and societal challenges of tomorrow, by producing wines that respect biodiversity and the environment.

In the vineyard

The Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune has been committed to protecting the environment for more than twenty years. It has carried out numerous initiatives in the vineyard with a view to protecting the flora and fauna, preserving water resources and the quality of the water, encouraging biodiversity, reducing the use of chemical products, converting vineyards to organic agriculture, or experimenting with planting grape varieties that are more resistant to the main vineyard diseases…

And every year, our research and techniques evolve, and we know that we have to keep innovating, inventing and experimenting, and adopting new strategies to develop winegrowing methods that are ever more respectful of nature and people.

In the winery

We have applied the same meticulous approach in the winery for some years with a view to reducing our environmental impact.

This has mainly involved reducing our water consumption by half, reducing effluent from wine production, the spreading of mud from our evaporation ponds, a reduction in our energy consumption, and the reduction and sorting of waste.

A regional dynamic

Participation in the life of the region and in the support of the rural economy

the rural economy

Established in 22 communes, and bringing together more than 600 winegrowing families, the Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune winery is a major economic force in the region.

By ensuring that our members’ average net income per hectare is higher than the average for wineries in France, by recruiting seasonal workers form the neighbouring communes, and by using mainly regional companies for supplies and services, we are resolutely committed to supporting the local economy. Through our activities, we inject more than 20 million euros every year into the local economy. But most important of all, we strive to actively participate in maintaining this rural economy, by encouraging young people to put down roots, supporting cooperative members with plans to expand, assisting in the passing on or taking over of vineyards, and encouraging new members to join VPE. VPE has more than 50 young people among its members and is keen to actively contribute to maintaining a dynamic local economy.


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